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Your favorites have been sumbitted and Cincinnati we heard you! Please review the list of businesses/individuals submitted below for each of the categories and VOTE for the Best of Black Cincinnati! You can vote for one category, two categories, or ALL categories...just SCROLL to the bottom and click the "SUBMIT VOTE" button when you are complete!

Help us keep this nomination list up to date! If you see a business that is no longer open or not 51% African-American owned or encounter any issues, please send us an email and let us know.

1. Best Food Have you had that Friday craving for some fish! Or maybe you know of a finger-licking bar-b-que spot. And nothing speaks to a hungry person's stomach better than momma's home-style cooking. We have a variety of palettes and this category includes them all from American-Fare to Soul Food submit your favorite food place.
Food Nominees are:

2. Best Nightlife Scene Young? Single? Grown and Sexy? Music Lover? Nominate the hottest nightlife scene in Cincinnati! Can either be a location or an event.
Nightlife Nomineess are:
3. Best Party DJ Which DJ keeps your favorite spot hot? He/She knows just the right tunes to set the mood. Nominees in this category keep the crowd moving.
Party DJ Nominees are:

4. Best Radio DJ/ Personality Hey Mr. DJ keep playing that song! Whether their talking and keeping you informed, or playing the latest sounds on your radio, who's your favorite Radio Personality/DJ.
Radio DJ/On-Air Personality Nominees are:

5. Best Church/House of Worship Faith has always been a bedrock of our community, nominate your favorite Church or House of Worship.
Church/Place of Worship Nominees are:

6. Best Performing Artist To be or not to be...that's not the question in this category. Do you follow a local band or actor or spoken word artist? Show them some love and nominate them for best performing artist!
Performing Artist Nominees are:
7. Best Visual Artist A picture is truly worth a thousand words. Whether it's photography, art, or any other form of visual art - this category is for those that capture/express ideas in still format.
Visual Artist Nominees are:

8. Best Teacher Do you have a teacher that always went the extra mile for you or your child? Nominees in this category can cover pre-school through college professors.
Teacher Nominees are:

9. Best Daycare Who do you trust with your toddler? Good child care is essential for every parent. Nominate your favorite day care.
Day Care Nominees are:

10. Best Physician Who's the doctor that takes the extra few minutes to explain something to you? Or is available to you if you have questions? Nominate them for Best Physician.
Physician nominees are:

11. Best Organization Professional membership and community organizations are an integral part of who we are and what we do in our spare time. Whether its assisting in member development or addressing community needs, who's the organization that is always getting involved?
Organization nominees are:

12. Best Clothing Store We must dress to impress. From stylish trends to bargain basement pricing - where do you regularly go to get your gear?
Clothing Store nominees are:

13. Best Hair Stylist Our look is never complete without a perfectly styled head of hair! Who is the stylist that always keeps you looking your best...from colors to weaves to cuts to excellent service, who's your pick?
Hair Stylist nominees are:

14. Best Barber Who's the Cincinnati barber that keeps your lines? From trims to edges, to fades which barber keeps you looking on point?
Barber Nominees are:

15. Best Event/Wedding Planner It's all about the details! Did you attend a memorbale event where the details were flawless? Did your wedding planner add those special touches, dot every "i", and cross every t? Wedding and event planning is a special job that requires a special person...nominate your favorite.
Event/Wedding Planner nominees are:

16. Best African-American Cincinnati Blog Do you regularly follow a blog written by a local African-American? Whether the topic is sports or arts show them some love and nominate them for this category.
Blog Website Address nominees are: